FANDEMONIUM!: Longplay — Castlevania Chronicles (PSOne)

FANDEMONIUM - Longplay - Castlevania Chronicles

Another remake of the classic tale that started it all.

FANDEMONIUM! rises from the grave, just like Dracula. Except it won’t try to drink your blood. V8 juice all the way!

So for this one, I decided to go back to the beginning… of Castlevania, that is!

Konami’s tale of Simon Belmont’s quest to defeat Dracula has been told several times. Castlevania Chronicles on the original PlayStation is a port of  Akumajo Dracula for the Sharp X68000, and has two modes: Original Mode, which is the original Sharp X68000 version, and Arrange Mode, which has enhanced graphics and music.

Longplayer ScHlAuChi goes through both modes, so sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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