Thoughts On This Morning’s Nintendo Direct

Nintendo Direct - Dec 18 - Satoru Iwata

Nintendo has once again brought lots of awesomeness our way.

This morning, Nintendo Supreme Poobah Satoru Iwata brought us a half hour of joy in the form of a new Nintendo Direct, bringing all that Ninty Love direct… to you! Won’t go over everything that happen, as I’ll put the video of the North American Direct below, so I’ll just pick out the more “OMG!” moments for me.

Ya Got Some Musou In My Zelda

Perhaps the biggest jaw-dropping, WTF games is Nintendo’s collaborative effort with Tecmo Koei. The makers of the Dead or Alive, Ninja Gaiden, and Dynasty Warrior series are dropping their knowledge to create something so insane, it’s awesome.

Tentatively titled Hyrule Warriors (Zelda Musou in Japan), Tecmo Koei is injecting some of that Dynasty Warriors formula into the Legend of Zelda universe, so there will be a lot of “1 vs. 1000” dramatic battles that I picture Link being a part of. In case you’re wondering, this is NOT the next entry in Nintendo’s beloved franchise, but rather a whole different project.

Hyrule Warriors - Link

Because the only way to plough through large groups of enemies is with a big-ass energy sword.

It was only a trailer, but damn… I seriously need to get a Wii U (c’mon Santa!).

Cuteness Overload

If there’s one thing I love more than Kirby… and Yoshi… is Kirby and Yoshi. Together. Forever.

We were shown some footage of Kirby’s new Nintendo 3DS game, Kirby Triple Deluxe, and it looks fabulous, as you have the ability of jumping between the background and foreground (must look sweet in 3D). He still has the same groovy powers as he always had… except now his sucking power got an enhancement. The Hypernova ability supercharges his sucking ability, allowing him to inhale… anything he damn well wants.

Kirby Triple Deluxe

At least he’s keeping regular by EATING AN ENTIRE TREE

In addition to the adventure, there are two other modes of play. One’s a Super Smash Bros.-type fighter where you’ll duke it out with other Kirbys using different abilities to see which one is the Alpha Puffball. The other is a rhythm game where you, as Kirby’s frenemy King DeDeDe, must press buttons to the beat of familiar tunes from the Kirby franchise. April 2014 can’t come soon enough.

If that’s not enough cuteness factor for you, Yoshi’s New Island had me squeeing with delight. It’s coming out sometime this Spring, and looks as adorable as ever. Takashi Tezuka, who worked on several Mario games as well as being the producer of Yoshi’s Island, is taking the helm as director for this project, so it’s in good hands, methinks.

Yoshi's New Island - Giant Egg

Speaking of keeping regular… Yoshi obviously wasn’t if he’s laying massive eggs like THAT!

Bravely Demo

I’m anxious to get my hands on Bravely Default. Which reminds me… I need to pre-order it! 😮

But at least we’ll all be able to give it a lovely test drive when the demo hits the Nintendo e-Store January 2nd. That’s a great way to start the New Year as any! What’s awesome about this demo is that this is going to be a special Side Quest not included in the game (for my European peeps who already have access to the demo: how do you find it? :3 ), and you can transfer some of the goods you gain (items, StreetPass tags, and the like) over to the full version of the game once it comes out.

Here Comes A New Challenger

Welp, we got another announcement regarding the upcoming Super Smash Bros. We’re getting a new Dynamic Duo entering the ring in the form of Rosalina and the adorable Luma from the Super Mario Galaxy series. Looks like they play as a pair (YAY PUPPETMASTER!), and I like it.

Super Smash Bros - Rosalina and Peach

“I can show you the woooooorld… Shinning, shimmering, splennnnnndid…”


Final Thoughts?

There was a heck of a lot more that was discussed, such as Luigi finally opening up his own medical practice in Dr. Luigi, the beyond awesome ROM-hacking insanity that is NES Remix, and Sonic the Hedgehog taking a vacation on Yoshi’s Island in Sonic Lost World.

The announcements were pretty cool, to say the least (especially Hyrule Warriors — that came outta nowhere!). There was a small part of me that was hoping to see more of that sweet X game that Xenoblade Chronicles developer Monolith Soft is working on. Well, at least we were given a nice dose of Reggie Fils-Aime.

Nintendo Direct - Dec 18 - Reggie Mii Photo Bomb

Dat Reggie Mii Photo Bomb…

You can check out the Nintendo Direct from this morning below, and tell me in the Comments Section what games you’re looking forward to (and overall thoughts)! 🙂