Minee Musings: “What Did You Get?” — Holiday Edition

happy woman in a Christmas cap opens the magic box gift

Was Santa good to you this time?

Welp, Christmas has come and gone, and we’re officially into the new year. So, belated new year’s wishes to all of you, and I hope this year shall be your awesomest year ever 🙂

I’m still trying to get back into the swing of things here, as I haven’t received any work via email from my wondrous taskmasters. So I’ve been chillin’ for the last two weeks, which I don’t have a problem with (catching up on sleep is a beautiful thing).

This Christmas was pretty cool, as it was the first time in a long time that my dad was home to enjoy it with us (usually, he’d be home sometime after New Year’s Eve). That in and of itself was an awesome pressie.

As you may recall, this Christmas I decided to put together a Christmas list and put it on Pinterest in the hopes that I’d get some tech goodies. Did it work? I’d say so, since I actually had a game waiting under the tree this time around! 😮

Papa Minee got me this:

He said he was trying to find stuff on the list, saw Wind Waker HD, and picked it up saying, “I’m done with looking!” 😆 Now all I need is a Wii U, and I’m set.

Mama Minee gave the the traditional Christmas gift of socks… ’cause Lord knows I need ’em. Oh, and money.

Big Bro gave me money, too. Quite a bit, too. Enough to buy a Wii U, or a 3DS XL… but I figure I should cool it with crazy spending (bought quite a bit of gifts for the fam this time around). Besides buying a book on Pilates and a foam roller (so that I may achieve the lifelong dream of cracking walnuts on washboard abs and a firm butt), I also picked this up:

That’s one more game to add to the Backlog.

Speaking of, took the opportunity to get started back on putting a dent in the Leaning Tower of Shame that is my Backlog. Gonna start tacklin’ my handheld games first. They’ve been sitting there; all neglected like and lonely.

So, all in all, this Christmas was pretty groovy. Now comes the hard part: getting back to the normal day-to-day that must be done after vacation! HA!

And, much like how kids used to scramble together to compare notes on who got what over the the holidays (and, by extension, who Santa liked more), we’re gonna have our own lil’ schoolyard gathering here on VSOG and go over the goods (minus the whole “who did Santa like more” bit)! So now, I’m turning the floor over to you.

Minee’s Question of the Month:

What did you guys get over the holidays? I wanna know everything; it doesn’t have to be game-related. Did you get that new TV you were itchin’ for? Or maybe a new laptop? The masses need to know! Head on over to the Comments Section and tell me all about it! 😀

Photo credit: istockphoto.com/evgenyatamanenko