Minee Asks: What Are Your Favourite Text-Heavy Games?

Reading on a Tablet

Reading is fundamental. So what games do you like to read?

Ah, February. The month of love. Love of groundhogs; love of snow; love of chocolate; love of birthday pressies (for me, at least); love of… er… love. More importantly… love of reading!

Kids from all across the country are now basking in the glory that is “I Love to Read” month (or week, depending on what schools choose to do). A time where reading classics and new novels alike are celebrated with gusto and encouraged.

I remember when I was a kid, when “I Love to Read” month came around, my teacher would hand out a paper with a huge grid on it. That was to keep track of what we read during the month. Every time we finished a book, we had to write down its name, the date we took it out from the library (or the date you started, I can’t recall), and the date we finished it  (I also remember the need of having a parent or guardian signature; proof that we actually did finish reading that book… though that was exploitable 😛 ). Whomever read the most books during the month would win prizes. I also recall there being other activities, like designing our own bookmarks and buttons, and having the kids from higher grades coming to read books to us young ‘uns (storytime! WEEE!).

I CAN READ Book series

The “I CAN READ” series of books were all the rage when I was a wee Minee.

Growing up with video games, the ones that I was drawn to were mainly story or text-heavy games, like RPGs or text adventures. Nowadays, I still dig those genres, but now I get to add the wonders of Visual Novels to the mix. VNs are particularly enjoyable for me, as they remind me of the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books that I absolutely loved when I was a kid.

Nintendo Adventure Books

“Choose Your Own Adventure” books based on Super Mario Bros.? You’re damn right! They were good, too! (There were Legend of Zelda ones, but never got my hands on ’em).

I feel that anything that encourages people to read is a wonderful thing, and video games are no exception. Besides the fact that a well-written story can keep you engaged, you can come away learning something. It could be some complex subject, or you could learn how to… well, read! I’ve heard many stories of how gamers my age learned how to read by playing Final Fantasy or Dragon Warrior on the NES way back when. People who are learning a foreign language are challenging themselves by playing a text-heavy game in their target language, dictionary in hand and jotting down notes. Gotta admit, it’s a pretty fun way to learn, yeah?

To celebrate the awesomeness that is “I Love to Read” month, here’s the Minee Question of the Month:

What are your favourite Text-Heavy games?

It could be anything under the sun, be them RPGs, Text Adventures, Adventure games, Visual Novels… any game with a lot of reading involved. PLUS: it can be in any language. It would be great to know, so that if people are learning a particular language, they’ll be inclined to check out your recommendation.

Leave your choices in the Comments Section, or you can hit me up on Twitter, or on the Facebook page. If a lot of folks reply, I’ll do a recap at the end of the month 😉

Thanks again, my lovelies, and happy reading!

Photo credit: istockphoto.com/Antonio_Diaz