Minee Asks: Who’s Your Favourite Female Game Character?

Favourite female game character

There have been many female characters over the years. Who’s your favourite?

Good day, gentle people, and welcome to another edition of “Minee Asks”!

We’re already in March! MARCH! Holy smoked fish! 😯 I won’t complain, though. The faster we get to Spring, the better.

Anyhoo, enough complaining about the weather. Let’s get down to business!

International Women’s Day happens on March 8th, and people around the world will celebrate the awesomeness of women everywhere. Now, women in videogames — be them the female characters in the games or women in the videogame industry — and how they’ve been depicted/treated has been a hot-button issue this past year. Seriously, it’s been talked about EVERYWHERE!

There have been a wide range of female characters, from damsels in distress to femme fatales. And while some have been more on the forgettable side, some have endeared themselves into the heart of gamers everywhere.

That said, to celebrate International Women’s Day, Minee’s Question of the Month is:

Who is your favourite female game character, and why?

Can be whomever you want, for whatever reason you want (and I know you peeps shall be civil about it :P). So hit me up in the Comments Section below, on Twitter, or on the VSOG Facebook page with your answers. Like last time, if I get enough answers, I’ll make a recap post with everybody’s input!

Thanks again, and cheers to all the lovely ladies! 😀