What You Said: Favourite Text-Heavy Games

What You Said - Text-Heavy Games

Here’s what VSOG peeps said about some of their favourite text-heavy games!

Welcome to the very first (of many, hopefully) edition of “What You Said!” In this feature, we’ll take a look at what people ’round the net responded to my (also hopefully) monthly “Minee Asks” questions.

If you recall, February was “I Love To Read” Month, and I asked what everyone’s favourite text-heavy game was (didn’t matter if it was an RPG, or a Visual Novel, or some action game that just happen to have a lot of reading involved).

And I got a grand total of…

Wait for it…

4 responses!

WOOOOOOO! 😀 Thanks to all of you for Tweeting it out, and to those who sent along a response.


From Facebook


The Facebook responses I got from the VSOG Facebook page and my personal account, despite having a bit more wiggle-room in terms of character limits, were rather short and to the point:

Emily Ward: The Phoenix Wright games, for sure! With Zero Escape and Hakuouki coming right behind.

Kahlief Adams: Device 6 is AMAZING!!

I have part of the first Phoenix Wright game on the Wii, but I never started it. Guess I could bum it off my best friend; he has most if not all the games. As for the Zero Escape series and Hakuoki… well, y’all know how I feel about them.

Then there’s this thing called Device 6. It’s on the iOS, and if the awesome Kahlief of the SpawnPointBlog says I would enjoy it, who am I to say otherwise?


From the VSOG Comments

Speaking of Device 6, it got another ringing endorsement from long-time VSOG Buddy, Tekyu, in the Comments Section:

I just found a new toy in this precise genre. I started playing Device 6 on ios7 and I love the hell out of it. Constantly changing text terrain and puzzles that require genuine thought make sense of them and an appetite for reading a story that will devour you. A hardened gamer with a healthy appetite for reading will tear through it in a day, but as a between work treat it has kept me thoroughly entertained.

Aside from that I’ve always been engrossed in games with heavy text like RPGs. I kind of prefer the lack of recorded voices given the agency it provides the player with reading at their own pace and using their imagination to give character to their words. I’ve actually managed to dig out Phantasy Star IV and it follows that same philosophy shared by so many games from back in the day of a strong story, sharp visuals and a slick anime style that made it the primary game taking up real estate in my Sega Genesis.

Dammit, Minee! You’ve made my mind start working and stuff. Now I’m making a list of RPGs I need to finish. Blast you and your inspiring me to complete things in my life. 😛

BWA, HA, HA! I’m making people think! All according to plan…

Seriously, though, that the second person who recommend Device 6. That game must be the bee’s knees. Guess it’s time to get downloading! As for Phantasy Star… my gamer secret shame is that I never played a Phantasy Star game (having grown up a Nintendo Kid). Guess I better get to hunting!

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From Twitter

I got a couple of awesome responses from the Twitterverse, too! First up, the always awesome @HentaiLogic:


[…] Was thinking about your topic, the first game that came to mind was Planescape Torment. That game… screams TEXT GAME lol. Someone took out all the text, and it was enough to fill a novel. It’s a great RPG. Like you, I also… loved those “Choose your own adventures books”. Loaned them at the library in French, one that I liked is called Blood Sword.. in english, it’s a series of 5 or 6 books. There were other fun ones too. This is all that comes to mind for now. Looking… forward to reading your article when it’s up! It something that touches closely to my interests.

I need to play some Planscape Torment. That game looks sweet. And shout-outs to “Choose Your Own Adventure” books!

Next up, from @Harmchair:

There’s an RPG, Lost Odyssey, that while not being particularly text heavy, does have a number of “Short Stories” to unlock… …I mention Lost Odyssey because more than anything, it’s those Short Stories in it that I remember most, very touching.

 Lost Odyssey has always been on my list of “To Play” Games. I seriously need to track that game down!

Welp, that’s all the responses I received, but that doesn’t mean the conversation ends here! Hit up the Comments Section and chime in with your favourite Text-Heavy games!