W-wait, There’s Gonna Be a Costume Quest 2!?

Costume Quest 2

Going off to gather candy all over again later this year.

I really enjoyed the original Costume Quest and its DLC, Grubbins on Ice. It was a cute lil’ game brought to us by the company of whimsy, Double Fine Productions. It wasn’t long, but it has a charm and feels like something you could play, perhaps, once a year.

Now, everybody can jump back into the shoes (or costumes), of wonder twins Wren and Reynold in a brand new adventure.

Double Fine announced that publisher Midnight City is helping them bring Costume Quest 2 over to PC and consoles later this year on October 31, though no word on which consoles the game will come on.

The first Costume Quest was published by THQ, but the rights to the game were sold to Nordic Games back at the THQ bankruptcy sale in April 2013. Double Fine and Nordic Games seem to have had a cup of coffee to talk it over and the game went back to Double Fine this past November.

I’m getting giddy all over again… and I feel like playing Costume Quest all over again. Have you guys played Costume Quest? Are you excited that there’s gonna be a sequel? Let me know in the Comments Section!

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