Wow, You Guys Like To Die A Lot in Dark Souls II

Dark Souls II

… Yep. 

The original Demon’s Souls makes grown adults cry. Not the soft, sappy, muffled cry you make when you bury your face in your pillow. I’m talking about the waterfall cascading, snot draining from your nose, arms thrown in despair type of cry.

Then along came Dark Souls… and lo, more people wept, for it shared the same face as its predecessor.

The face… of Nintendo Hard.

I can’t remember how far I got in Demon’s Souls, but I can tell you one thing: I got my ass handed to me.

Dark Souls II came out this past Tuesday in North America, and today in Japan. And people have already died. A lot.

Checking out the Dark Souls II: Beyond the Bonfire site, a grand total of 1,311,973 Xbox 360 player deaths and 2,991,976 PS3 player deaths have been recorded.

That’s over 4.3 million deaths so far. And that’s just the folks who are connected online.

Game’s only, like, 3 days old, and the bodies are hitting the floor hard. Good Lord…

Are you playing Dark Souls II? What’s your death count been so far? Share your experience in the Comments Section!

Source: Joystiq