What You Said: Favourite Female Game Characters

You have once again voiced your opinions. Let’s see which female game characters you fancy!

Good day, gentle people, and welcome to another edition of “You Said It!”, where we find out what YOU had to say about last month’s question.

Last month, I asked what your favourite female game characters were. And you guys gave some awesome responses:

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My buddy @Taroku wrote a response of epicness that actually spanned several Tweets:

It’s gonna take me a while to see if I can think of more, but I liked Jade of “Beyond Good” & Evil and Dew from “Ittle Dew.”
I got three more characters from Sword of the Stars The Pit: The Tarka Ranger Wara Jang (Whose identity is mostly unknown)…
…Solforce Scout Toshiko Hoshinara, and last, but deffinetily not least, Tamiko Hoshinara.
The first two are playable characters, and Tamiko is the damsel in distress who carries the only cure for a horrible plague.
I’m mentioning Tamiko because she didn’t just let herself get captured. Oh nonono.
She had one HECK of an attempted escape where she basically went all “Die Hard” on the alien facility where she was kept.
Which lasted for DAYS, BTW
And if that wasn’t enough, a whole lot of the valuable information you can get from the computers to keep you alive?…
…Yeah, they were left by her. She’s a dracking badass who’s more than capable in a fight…
…and smart enough to know how to survive in a hostile environment.
I found an interview for the game about this character with the writer Arinn Dembo, but the site where it’s from isn’t showing it correctly, so I’ve copy-pasted it here so it’s easier to read. (I will include a link to the site regardless. It’s the least I should do.)
(…Those might be more than I should be submitting <_<;; If I have to go with just one, it would be Tamiko Hoshinara)

Ya know, I haven’t played any of the Knights of the Old Republic games. I really should get on that, and (after reading that epic post), should get on Sword of the Stars: The Pit. Jade from Beyond Good & Evil and Celes from Final Fantasy VI are some of my favourite characters, too.

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Meanwhile, over on the VSOG Facebook page, buddy Rob SH had this to say:

Ooo, that’s a tough one. There are so many I like! I’ve thought of doing my own Top 10 list myself a few times, but I would see myself having a very hard time narrowing it down to just ten. Hell, even if I were to limit myself to just the Final Fantasy series I couldn’t pick just ten. However, these sorts of lists almost always have Samus Aran and Lara Croft near or at the top, so I’d like to forgo the easy option.
Valentine from Skullgirls is high on my list. Not only is the whole ‘ninja nurse’ motif pretty awesome in itself, she herself is pretty badass going up against people with parasites that give them superpowers, living weapons, cybernetic augmentations, or supernatural powers, without any such powers herself. She also has some of the best quips and one-liners. She’s almost a female version of the Medic from Team Fortress 2, which is one of my favorite classes.
Terra is my favorite girl from the Final Fantasy series. It’s easy to sympathize with her, being a living weapon used by one of the most evil characters in all of video games. Then she gains control over her own life and tries to understand what she is, what her purpose is, and through it all, she’s a very sweet and kind girl, but totally badass at the same time. Oh, and her theme song is one of the most gorgeous songs in any video game.

I played a bit of Skullgirls, but not a heck of a lot. Valentine seems like a cool-lookin’ character, though! As for Terra… she’s forever badass.


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