Minee Asks: What’s Your Favourite Gaming Easter Egg?

Easter Bunny with eggs in basket and flower. Selective focus. Focus on rabbit.

Because surprises in video games are just as tasty as chocolate.

Ah, April. Spring is in full swing, snow’s starting to melt, the weather’s warmer… and Easter falls on the 20th.

Easter… the time of year where we all take a moment to remember what’s most important to us.

That’s right… chocolate. I mean, what else could possibly be better!? 😛 I’ve been setting traps for the Easter Bunny since I was a wee Minee and I have yet to catch the bastard and his basket of chocolatey goodness. Though he did leave me and my brother treasure chests full of chocolate and books and stuff as a peace offering. But still, he eluded me for all these years, and it’s frustrating.

But you know what doesn’t elude us as much anymore, in part due to the power of the Internet? Easter eggs in videogames!

There are so many awesome Easter eggs in videogames, it’s awesome. From the Chris Houlihan room in Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past to Psycho Mantis telling you what’s on your Memory Card in Metal Gear Solid, there’s some nifty hidden things around.

Which brings me to Minee’s Question of the Month:

What’s your favourite Easter Egg in videogames?

Hidden rooms, characters, writing on the walls, doesn’t matter what the hidden goodie is, I want to know what the Easter Egg is! So hit me up on Twitter, on the VSOG Facebook page, or on the Comments Section and let me know!

Now, if you’ll excuse me… I have to go back to hunting eggs.

Photo credit: istockphoto/MilanMarkovic