New Resident Evil On The Horizon?

resident evil 6Another RE?

Perhaps we’ll be fighting more zombies soon? Perhaps announced at E3?

The cool cats over at Siliconera read up on something interesting that showed up on the Sankei Shinbun a couple of days ago: a new next-gen entry into the Resident Evil series.

Resident Evil 6 sold somewhere in the 5.6 million mark across all platforms, and was met with so-so reviews. But the series remains one of Capcom’s most loved franchise. According to the report on Sankei Shinbun, the developer is planning on announcing a new next-gen game at the industry’s biggest show, E3, which is believed to be Resident Evil 7.

Though the report says “PlayStation 4 game”, it doesn’t mean that the game would be exclusively on PlayStation 4. The last couple of Resident Evil games have been multiplatform, and given Capcom’s recent money woes, they’d probably want as many people to play the game as possible.

Keep in mind that this is still all rumour and speculation, so chances are good that it might not even be a Resident Evil game Capcom announces at E3. But they do need a big hit on their hands (as one analyst said in the article, “It’s a certainty that a hit smartphone title is required, but they also require a major title so they don’t fall behind makers from America and Europe, who can develop games in high speed.”), and the name Resident Evil, despite all its recent foibles, still holds a lot of weight and brand recognition. The game will sell, perhaps even more if they went back to the series’ roots of being more creepy atmospheric survival horror rather than action Michael Bay-fest.

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