Impa To Clash Swords in Hyrule Warriors

Zelda Musou - Link

Everyone’s favourite nursemaid/bodyguard is coming to get her Musou on.

In their Nintendo Direct broadcast late last year, Nintendo announced that they were teaming up with Tecmo Koei’s Omega Force and Team Ninja teams (the dev houses behind Dynasty Warriors and Ninja Gaiden, respectively) to bring a brand new hack-n’-slash game based in the Zelda universe, Hyrule Warriors (known as Zelda Musou in Japan). It was certainly one of the most ‘WTF’ moments in that Ninty Direct, and it got me hyped. I mean… I’ve never played a Dynasty Warriors game before, but I’d certainly play this (‘course, I gotta get me a Wii U first).

Anyhoo, the fine folks of Siliconera got some nice news about Hyrule Warriors from the equally fine folks of Famitsu.

First up is the announcement of another playable character. In addition to Link, players will get to the chance to lead the Elite Guard with longtime Legend of Zelda character, the awesome Impa. I’d like to mow Moblins down with her Great Sword.

Secondly, Hyrule Warriors will have a Two-Player Mode, with one player using the television and the other using the Wii U Gamepad. Oooo, the CHAOS!

There’s also going to be some sort of level-up/character progression, as well as a weapon upgrade system. Speaking of weapons, the type of weapon you have will affect how you fight (your moveset, whether you’ll attack quickly or slowly, etc.).

Finally, the game will drop in Japan on August 14th, with a Premium Edition coming that includes a fancy clock in the shape of the Triforce (WANTS), and DLC Costume codes. We don’t have a North American date yet, but we’ll hear more at E3 (heck, the game will be playable there).

Now I’m curious to know who else will join the fray. I wouldn’t mind seeing Tinkle, because I think the world needs his fashion sense and I want to pelt fools with pixie dust 😛

Are you guys hyped for Hyrule Warriors? What characters are you hoping will make an appearance? Let me know in the Comments Section!