Kappa Reddit Forum Sponsoring Players for Evo 2014

Kappa T-shirt Campaign

Because it’s all about the Community.

When I first heard about the Kappa Reddit forum, it was on an episode of one of the many shows about the fighting game community called “The On Blast Show” (can’t remember what episode it was, though). Since that initial visit, I’ve found myself visiting often to see what other folks who enjoy fighting games have to say… though, it’s really the gossipy side of the scene more than anything else. But hey, for all the strange/sometimes questionable things posted on there, they do do some good. Like having them rally together to send one (possibly more) of their own to the biggest fighting game tourney ever.

The rapscallions at Kappa decided to pull their resources together and send a player to the Tournament of Tournaments, Evo 2014, taking place July 11 to 14. After discussing and voting on possible candidates (players who don’t have the backing of a sponsor, are well-liked, and have mad skills), as well as a t-shirt design, a campaign was created on TeeSpring. You can choose from several different shirt types (men and women), with the proceeds going to help send Super Street Fighter IV player Dexter “Tampa Bison” James to the big event to rep the Reddit forum.

The campaign has already reached its goal of 100 shirts sold, and if they reach 160 shirts, they’ll be able to send another Super Street Fighter IV player, Alex Myers, as well.

With 14 days left in the campaign. I think they’ll have no problem reaching it. I threw down my hard-earned Bison Bucks to get two shirts (one black, one purple) not only because I like the design, but because of what it’s for.

For those who want to lend their support, but don’t want to get a shirt, Kappa mod adremeaux set up a separate Paypal donation link where you can give any amount you want.

I really think that this is a cool idea, and I’m really glad that they’ve already met their initial goal. I’m looking forward to seeing Tampa Bison and AlexMyers sporting that /r/Kappa tag in front of their names on stream 😛

I’m looking forward to getting my shirts. Are any of you guys considering donating or buying a shirt? Let me know in the Comments Section!