Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call Gets Special Editions

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call - Collector's Edition - Exclusive

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call gets some fancy editions.

I was just checking my email, when I saw this pop up from Square Enix. Apparently, they want me to feel the rhythm of Theatrhythm all over again.

Now, I’ve sung the praises of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy before (still one of my favourite games on the Nintendo 3DS), and I’m excited that we’re getting the sequel. Now we have some info.

First of all, the game’s heading to North America on September 16 this year. That’s enough to send me squeeing like a lil’ fangirl, but that’s not enough for Square Enix; oh no, no, no! They have to go around and announce a copy of goodies for those that pre-order.

First up is the Limited Edition. Those that pre-order (and those who’ve already pre-ordered) will receive a bonus CD containing 5 ReMix tracks.

Sounds nice an’ all, but that may not be enough for the die-hard fans. So behold the glory of the Collector’s Edition!

As you can see from the main image above, it comes with a crap-ton of stuff. In addition to the ReMix CD that’s included in the Limited Edition, ya get a 20-track “Best of Theatrhythm“, a nice-looking 3DS pouch, and 5 Premium CollectaCards. What’s cool is that if you enter the code on the CollectaCard, you’ll get that card in the game itself.

Here’s the catch about the fancy Collector’s Edition. As you probably saw on the image, it’s available only on the Square Enix store. What’s more, the email I received said that there’s only 5000 Collector’s Editions available.


Well, I’m weak… I pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition. First time I ever ordered from the Square Enix store, and probably the last ($30.00 shipping!?).

If you want to jump on the Collector’s Edition train, you can go here. Otherwise, head for your regular game-purchasing channels (like Amazon US or Play-Asia).

Any of you going to pre-order Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call? If so, you getting the Limited Edition or the fancy Collector’s Edition? Let me know in the Comments Section!