Minee’s Top 5 E3 2014 Wishlist

Minee's E3 2014 Wishlist

So little time left! Here’s what I want to see at this year’s E3.

Got me plenty of coffee and green tea. Now I must wait…

E3 2014’s knocking at the door, and there’s a lot of things people want to see and hear about. I’ve asked you guys what you want to see this year, but I thought I should sit down and come up with a list of my own! A quick ‘n dirty list, but a list nonetheless.

I know E3 lineup lists tend to get leaked into the “Internet Wild” (or sent to the press by company reps), but I’d still like to think that maybe developers don’t reveal ALL of their cards like that. And while there are games that I really want to see that aren’t making an appearance (IGN reported that Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 are a no-show this year), there are still other games that I would love to see.


The Last Guardian1. The Last Guardian
Developer: Team ICO
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Oh where, oh where has my little Trico gone? Oh where, oh where can he beeeeeeeeeee?

The Last Guardian, which was originally announced back in 2009 (though it’s been in the works since 2007), has been on quite the roller coaster during development: staff changes, bringing in extra help… man, the poor thing.

The hotly anticipated game from Sony’s Team ICO has been absent from the limelight for a long time, though Sony reps have assured fans that it wasn’t dead and still being worked on.

We’re now in a new generation of game consoles. Will The Last Guardian be up-to-snuff enough to show at Sony’s E3 presser next Monday? I would really like to see it!


X - monolith soft - WiiU2. X
Developer: Monolith Soft
Publisher: Nintendo

We first caught wind of Monolith Soft’s follow-up to the Wii-exclusive RPG, Xenoblade Chronicles, back in January 2013 during a Nintendo Direct, and were shown footage during Ninty’s E3 2013 Nintendo Direct event.

Since the game’s coming out later this year, I’d like to see an explosion of news surrounding it: the story, the characters, whether it’ll be a full-blown MMO as some are speculating or simply have the same open-world feel that Xenoblade Chronicles did. Either way, colour me hype as hell for this.


Legend of Zelda Wii U3. Legend of Zelda (in HD)
Developer/Publisher: Nintendo

Okay, so we’re getting a new Zelda game in the form of that interesting-looking Hyrule Warriors that’s being developed by Team Ninja and Omega Force. It looks nice and all, but I think a lot of fans are still wondering about this:

People are still waiting for a brand new, traditional Zelda game to grace the Wii U. I want to see a brand-new, traditional Zelda game on Wii U (possibly another Wii U Zelda bundle?)


Beyond Good and Evil 24. Beyond Good & Evil 2

Developer/Publisher: Ubisoft

You’ve been teasing us for years about this. You sent out a trailer, have some images leaked, another gameplay trailer, teasing Jade’s new outfit during a Rayman Legends Twitch stream. Enough already, Ubi. I know that you’ve already announced your E3 lineup, but I don’t care. Give me a surprise this year. UNLEASH THE JADE!



Mortal Kombat X - Scorpion - 3005. Mortal Kombat X

Developer: NetherRealm Studios
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

The folks over at NRS dropped a bomb on us last week by sending out a trailer for the next entry in the Mortal Kombat franchise. I was more of a Street Fighter gal back in the day and as such, I haven’t really played much of MK since Ultimate MK3.

That said, Mortal Kombat 9 looked pretty good, and it did get me curious about the series again. But I may just wait and jump straight into MKX instead.

For those that missed it, here’s the Mortal Kombat X trailer below. In the meantime, I’m curious to see what they have in store for us this time.


These are just the games off the top of my head, so I know that I’m leaving some out. I’ll be glued to my screens like the rest of you; devouring all the info I can… and going completely insane because of it.

Anyhow, I still wanna know what you guys want to see, so hit me up on the Comments Section and share your list!