E3 2014 Madness!: Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. Coming to 3DS

Nintendo’s newest IP brings some steampunk strategy to a 3DS near you!

During last night’s 3DS Game Developer Discussion, Nintendo revealed the new IP they’re developing with Intelligent Systems (the folks behind the Fire Emblem and Advance War series).

Called Code Name: S.T.E.A.M., the strategy game has a steam punk-flavoured theme to it, and it uses a third-person perspective. Because the camera behind the characters (as oppose to giving you a bird’s eye view like in typical strategy games), switching between your team members will help you get a better lay of the land.

The main character is named Henry, and he and his comrades John, Fox, and Lion, are ordered by president Abraham Lincoln to defeat the strange alien menace plaguing the Earth.

… that sounds crazy, but I don’t care. I’m lovin’ it.

What’s neat is that the characters are powered by steam. The amount of steam power you have is represented by a metre, and your actions (movements and attacks) consume steam. You can restore your steam at various checkpoints. If you’re discovered by the enemy while your exploring, the amount of steam remaining is locked in, and then you gotta wait.

Speaking of attacks, Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. has a variety of weapons you’ll acquire, and you’ll be able to upgrade them, so you don’t have to worry about level grinding to get your characters up to snuff. In addition to regular attacks, you have a special Overwatch attack you can use during your enemy’s turn to interrupt them if they’re close enough (though there’s a chance they can avoid the attack altogether). Each character also has a Special Attack that’s unique to them and that consume no steam. However, you can only use it once per map, so you have to choose when to use them.

You can collect medals by doing well in missions, defeating enemies, or finding them throughout the map. You can use these medals at save points to revive your units if they die (no permadeath! YEAH!), restore the health of your troops, or use them to purchase items and weapons to help you. You’re going to have to watch your spending, as you could miss out on something real helpful if you keep spending medals on healing.

As for the artwork, the overall look was really inspired by the Silver Age of American comics, specifically the legendary Jack Kirby, Mike Mignola, and others. The aliens were inspired by H.P. Lovecraft.

I’m really liking the looks of this game, and as I said on Twitter, I need this game on my 3DS.

Got some screenshots for you to check out. Let me know what you think in the Comments Section!

Cheers to Nintendo World Report for their awesome liveblog of the event (with some other info from the Nintendo Treehouse Stream).