E3 2014 Madness!: Why Haven’t I Heard of Nero Before?

Seriously… Nero looks pretty.

Going through the assets available on Games Press, I came across a game on Microsoft’s E3 lineup called Nero.

I can’t recall hearing anything about this title made by indie developer Storm in a Teacup (coolest name ever), so I’m glad I stumbled upon it. Though there’s no fact sheet available, I found some info on Destructoid.

In this new-fangled visual novel (not like the text-heavy Japanese variety), you play as a young boy who follows this mysterious adult to learn more about him (and about yourself, too). Though both of you don’t utter a single word throughout, the game’s fully narrated. As you explore this dark yet beautiful world, you get to solve several puzzles that will either help you progress further through the story or give you more background information on the characters.

Watching the trailer took my breath away. I still don’t know much about the game, but it’s certainly got my attention. According to the company website, Nero‘s coming out for Xbox One, which gives me one more reason to consider getting the console.

Check out the screenshots and trailer below, and let me know what you think in the Comments Section!