Minee Asks: What Was Your Favourite E3 2014 Moment?

E3 Hype Train

E3 has come and gone! Now let’s talk shop!

Man, last week was bananas!

The E3 Hype Train roared out of the station, and travelled at mach speed throughout the entire week. Announcements and reveals, games and trailers… hot damn!

But now, the E3 Hype Train has pulled back into the station, and let me off safely, surprisingly enough. Now it’s back to the near-daily grind. Le siiiigh.

Legend of Zelda Wii U - E3 2014

The sneak peak at the Legend of Zelda for WIi U was definitely one of my fave moments this year!

There was a lot of stuff that happened at E3 2014, and I’m curious to know what you guys thought. So, I’ve got a bevy of questions for ya! There’s no need to answer them all, mind you (of course, feel free to do so if you’d like!):

  • What did you think of the press events during Day 0?
  • What were you favourite game(s) this year?
  • Anything you were disappointed with?
  • What was your favourite moment at E3?
  • Any moments made you cringe/facepalm? Or maybe really angry?

As usual, I’m anxious to hear what you guys have to say! Please leave your answers in the Comments Section, hit me up on Twitter or the VSOG Facebook page. Or, if you feel like giving me a really long answer you can always send me an email: sonji AT vastseaofgames.com. I’ll gather up all the answers (and other tidbits!) later on in the month.

Enjoy the rest of your day, and I’ll talk to you soon! 😀