VSOG’s Extra Life 2014 Extravaganza!

Extra Life 2014

Playing games for 24 hours… for the kids!

It’s that time of year again. Staying up ’til the wee hours of the day. Blurry-eyed. Hand jitters. But that’s okay! It’s all for the children!

Extra Life 2014 is underway, and once again I’m playing on behalf of the lovely folks of Opération Enfant Soleil. WOOOOO!

Now this year will be different from my previous attempts. I threw down my hard-earned Coins on the Elgato HD Capture Device. So this year… I’ll be streaming from Twitch (hopefully)!

God help us all.

Anyhoo, check the stream below at 8:30 am EDT, or just head over to my Twitch TV channel (that way, you can use the chat feature!). And, most importantly, please donate!

Watch live video from Mineeva on www.twitch.tv