About VSOG

What’s This Blog About?

Vast Sea of Games (or VSOG) weeds through the latest news in the video game industry and writes about it from the perspective of your average girly gamer. I know, I know: there’s a lot of other blogs reporting the news. This blog isn’t meant to be the next über-gaming blog. Just a lil’ gaming get-away to shoot the breeze and share my thoughts about what’s happening out there.

Of course, that’s not all VSOG is.

There’s also reviews, previews, celebrating the creativity of fellow gamers, gushing over gaming culture, and other game-related musings. ‘Tis a mish-mash of all things gaming.


Who’s This Site For?

This site is for people who enjoy video games, regardless of age, skill level, sex, race or creed. Everyone is welcomed here to share their thoughts and engage with others who share the same interest.


Privacy Policy

When you leave a comment, you are asked to leave your name (not your real name necessarily: you can use a screen name), your email address and the url to your website (if you have one, of course). The Moderation Queue also tells me your IP address. This is all to help me tell which comments are legit and from actual human beings and which ones are from spammers trying to cause trouble. Please rest assured, this information WILL NOT be given or sold to anyone.


About Commenting

I don’t like censoring folks. Feel free to express yourselves in the best way to get your point across. That said, I WILL NOT tolerate any attacks or derogatory remarks on anyone based on race, religion, sex, sexual preferences, etc. Remember: everyone is welcomed here. Treat others with respect and kindness. After all, we’re all people.

How About Guest Posts?

Though I did let a friend write two posts in the early days of VSOG, I decided that until I get a better idea of how I want things to go, I won’t be accepting guest posts. That isn’t to say that I will never accept guests posts, and that when I decide to open the floor to a fellow game blogger, I’ll let you know 😉


Rating System. Wassup With That?

VSOG breaks down a game in a few areas: Presentation (graphics and music), gameplay, replayablilty, and overall enjoyment. It is then given a score based on a 10-point scale along with a list of the game’s overall pros and cons. The scale is as follows:

  1. Why do you hate yourself so?
  2. A step up from the worst steamy pile ever… but not much
  3. A bit better… but has a loooong way to go
  4. Barely qualifies as mediocre
  5. Middle of the road. Not bad, but not good, either.
  6. I can see what they’re trying to do, but it doesn’t quite pan out
  7. This game has lots of potential. Not a bad experience at all
  8. Quite enjoyable; definitely check it out if this is your genre of choice
  9. Near perfection. This game has some nitpicks, but very, very solid nonetheless
  10. A classic. One that every gamer should play. Can’t recommend it enough

Questions? Concerns? Cookie Recipes? Hit me up!

If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, or cookie recipes, please use the Contact Me page and drop me a line